STAAR assessment opt out

STAAR assessment opt out

Amarillo, TX -- One local parent stands by opting out her child from the STAAR assessment test.

Students from 5th through 8th grade must take the STAAR assessment according to the Texas law.

5th and 8th graders have to pass it in order to move on to the next grade level.

One Canyon ISD parent disagrees and says promoting a child to the next grade level based on how well they do on the test-- should not be the standard.

So she recently took her argument to Austin.

"Promotion is basically who is the parent here? Is the government the parent or is the parent the parent here? My daughter is my child, I will dictate if she is promoted or not. If she needs to be retained, i'll retain her. But she doesn't need to, all the rest of her grades are phenomenal." says, Lynz Piper-Loomis, Canyon ISD parent.

Lynz also says if the student does not show up for the test-- it is mandated by the TEA that the district score the test anyway.

I spoke with a TEA spokes person from Austin and she reaffirms according to the state law opting out is not an option.