Patrolling after "4-20"

Patrolling after "4-20"

Stratford, TX -  Sheriff's Deputies in Sherman County have increased patrols Monday.

Sheriff Joe Powell is increasing patrols because many people returning from the "4-20" Celebration in Colorado, which happened on Sunday, may be traveling through his County.

Marijuana may be legal and celebrated openly on "4-20"  in Colorado, but it's still illegal in Texas.

"It may be legal there, but if it's brought into the state of Texas, it's illegal, and that's one thing people need to realize," said Sherman County Sheriff Joe Powell.

"People who go up to Colorado, if they live in south Texas, they're going to have to travel through our County, you never know what's going to happen on the roads," Sherman County Sheriff's Deputy Alisha Sladek said.

So before it becomes an issue in his County, Sheriff Powell is taking a direct approach to the situation.

"Proactive is always better than reactive," said Powell.

Over the next few days the Sherman County Sheriff's Department will be stepping up patrols in order to make sure no one is driving impaired.

"You can have impaired driving whether you've had to much alcohol consumption, whether you are on a prescription medication, perhaps you've taken to much, whether you are on a legal or illegal drug or substance," Powell explained.

Sheriff Powell even had some of his deputies attend a program on how to deal with those driving while using illegal substances.

"A couple of our deputies were sent to a program called "Desert Snow"... (to) teach them how to detect, how to detect not only prior to the stop, but after the stop how to locate or find any narcotics or illegal substances that could be on the individual or in the car," said Powell.

But the most important reason for doing this...

"Our bottom line is safety for our community and the motorists traveling through," Powell said.

Sheriff Powell called us with an update, saying eight to ten of the traffic stops made by his deputies Monday involved people traveling home to Texas from Colorado.