New lawsuit scam in Potter County

Potter County, TX - Scammers are now impersonating Potter County processors to try to steal your money.

These scammers are calling residents, claiming they have credit card debt and telling them if they don't pay a fee over the phone they will be sued. Jennifer Cochran said she was almost a victim to the scam and sat down with NewsChannel 10 Friday to explain how the scam works.

Cochran said a woman claiming to be a Potter County processor named Christine Sanders called her and said she was being sued. She told Cochran to call a 1-800 number for more information.

"So I immediately called the 1-800 number and I spoke with Gloria Clark there. She stated there had been a credit card taken out in my name in 2004 and the bill had been ran up to $3,000 but they were wanting $5,000 and I needed to set up some type of payment arrangement. If I didn't, they were suing me and I was being brought up on charges of fraud as well as breach of contract," said Cochran.

A local lawyer said Texas has strict laws when it comes to people who serve papers. "They are all people who are qualified by the court and the court has to give an order to them setting them up as a legitimate private process server, and they are licensed and vetted," explained Bart Pruitt.

"I contacted the district clerk's office, the county clerk, anyone in Potter County pretty much who this person could have been working for and none of them knew who she was," said Cochran.

NewsChannel 10 called the company on Friday, but no one answered the phone.

Although Cochran didn't fall for the scam, she said the company had an alarming amount of personal information. "All I had to do was give the case number and they immediately knew my name, my first and last name, and then she said the last four digits of my social. She didn't ask me to tell her my social, she already had it. And she had about four of five addresses, every address I've lived at in my entire life, she had."

Cochran  filed a report with Amarillo police and said she hopes others will not fall victim to this scam.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10