1610 AM shutting down?

1610 AM shutting down?

Amarillo, TX - Most people understand it's important to be in tune with your weather, especially when you travel.

John Carroll stopped in Amarillo on his trip from Idaho to Tyler, Texas. He says the weather is always changing.

"It could be a nice day like this and then the next morning, you wake up there could be a foot of snow. So it's very important to stay in complete contact," said Carroll.

If you're traveling along Amarillo's major highways, you'll see signs advising drivers to tune in to 1610 AM for weather information, but when you tune in all you'll hear is static.

TxDOT runs the station and they have temporarily shut it down.
They released a statement saying they are complying with FCC regulations that prohibit the re-broadcast on non-emergency weather information from The Amarillo National Weather Service on 1610.

Meteorologist, Jose Garcia says we get many traveler on I-40 who need to know about nasty weather conditions ahead of them.
"It's good for them to have that information," said Garcia.

And because the Panhandle's weather is always changing, The National Weather Service is hoping to still use 1+10 AM to inform people traveling through Amarillo.

"We're going to be meeting with TxDOT hopefully very soon to discussing how we can continue to transmit that type of information out.," said Garcia. 

In TxDOT's statement they regret any inconvenience to the traveling public.