Amarillo's multi million dollar road repair

Amarillo's multi million dollar road repair

Amarillo, TX -

A new road project is expected to start soon in Amarillo. 

If you have gone down SW 34th Street in Amarillo, you would probably agree, it can get pretty bumpy and not mention.... Sometimes it's a busy road. 

It's one of the busiest streets in southwest Amarillo, leading to many food restaurants, residential areas and stores. 

Construction is expected to start in a month, leaving drivers with only one lane open.

Which means... More traffic. 

The City Council voted on a 2-million dollar contract to completely repair SW 34th Avenue from South Coulter street to South Soncy road.

Councilman Brian Eades tells me it's been a long time coming, "What there mainly is, it's kind of an uneven pavement where there have been defects across the street that have led to a sinking of the roadway, so truly there's an up and down motion as you go through there and the water over the years and the freezing has just made that worse over time."

 It's a route that has drawn complaints for years.

"That if you've been on it, anytime in the recent past, it's almost like a rollercoaster, that it's really related to as we extended utilities over the years, across 34th, it caused defects in the roadways and now theres the chance to go back now that these utilities have been completed and to really correct the road." says Brian Eades, City Councilman.

Soon local drivers will have a smooth ride through SW 34th Avenue.

Construction is expected to start sometime next month. 

Now this is one of three state projects, the others are still in the works, ncluding repairs on 9th street and 58th Street.