Residential water shortage in Curry County

Residential water shortage in Curry County

Clovis, NM - Some Clovis area wells are drying up.

Many residential wells are drying up just outside of the city limits of Clovis.

"We had some residents of Curry County that came forth in our meeting and said they were out of water and it's not the first people we've had complain about residential water," said Frank Blackburn who is a Curry County Commissioner.

A local water expert we spoke with Friday tells us this could be due to a decline in the amount of water in the Ogallala Aquifer because of how many residents are currently drawing from it.

"The aquifer is a glass of water, and the more straws that go into that glass of water, causes the aquifer to drop," Brian Daly who is the District Manager for the Clovis District of EPCOR said.

And while this is not a new problem, County officials are seeing a rise in the number of people being affected.

"It seems to be a growing problem with this aquifer we have, the Ogallala Aquifer, we're depleting it and these people really have a problem because it's residential type needs," said Blackburn.

A resident we spoke with today had to close her dry cleaning business so she could conserve water before she ran out.

While another resident we spoke with who lives nearby tells us she has been without water for the past week.

The County says they are currently working on a solution to try to get water to residents like these.

"We have the staff of the County trying to secure some funds to possibly build a pipeline," Blackburn said.

But the most important thing residents can do right now is to conserve what water they do have.

"We have to conserve and manage our water, and it has to be a partnership and not just municipalities, the Ag, but also the individual well owners, we all have to be water wise," said Daly.

Right now some of the residents are even having to haul water to their homes from other locations.