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Crews find suspected area of radiation leak

Crews find suspected area of radiation leak

CARSLBAD, N.M. (AP) - More than two months after radiation leaked from the federal government's half-mile deep nuclear waste dump in southeastern New Mexico, crews think they have identified the area where the release occurred.

The DOE's deputy recovery manager, Tammy Reynolds, told a community meeting in Carlsbad Thursday night that more trips need to made into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to further investigate the accident. Officials say they hope to have a lot more information next week.

Reynolds says crews on their fourth trip into the mine on Wednesday made it into the area where active waste storage was last being conducted and found contamination. The farther they went into the rooms, the contamination became more widespread. But she says the crews had to retreat before identifying the possible source because they had been underground for five hours in protective gear and needed to make their way back above ground.

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