Dangers to Napping

Dangers to Napping

Amarillo,TX - Many people think they need a nap to help get through the afternoon or because they didn't get enough sleep at night.

Bryan Arbello says he will normally take a nap after a long day of studying at school.

But researchers found that a frequent napper has a greater risk of developing heart disease of respiratory illness.

"I had no idea, I kind of thought sleeping longer would be a little more helpful because you get more rest," said Arbello.

Doctors we spoke with today say napping longer than the recommended hour could mean there are some serious health issues starting.

Physician Aparajita Mishra napping longer means that there could be some serious problem underlying.

"There is Obstructive Sleep Apnea, poor sleep hygiene, insomnia, respiratory problems...which makes people not able to sleep properly," said Mishra.

She also adds changing our sleep patterns can also cause some health issues.

"That has recently been shown to be causing some permanent damage to neurons or nerve cell in the area that controls focus attention and wakefulness in a person," said Mishra.

Which now has some people more aware of their sleeping habits and wanting to take shorter naps.