Highway 136 dangerous?

Highway 136 dangerous?

Amarillo, TX - Many people are familiar with Highway 136 not only because they use it often but because of its wrecks .

NewsChannel 10 has covered several of these wrecks along Highway 136.

Although many might think this road is dangerous, TxDOT says they have done their best over the years to make this road safe for drivers.

Spokesman for TxDOT, Paul Braun says they've done some rebuilding on this roadway.

"We added passing lanes all along Potter County. We've spent about 8.2 million dollars on the project, finished it in 2008, trying to make it a more safer and durable roadway," said Braun.

But travelers who use this highway wish more could be done.

Local driver, Matthew Doerfler says something needs to be done.

"It's not wide enough for everybody, it's getting busier and busier every day," said Doerfler.

But TxDOT has no future plans to make any additions to the roadway.

"Since we spent the 8.2 million just a couple of years ago to make it what it is right now," said Braun.

So, drivers just need to drive with caution.