Bugs don't mind a cold snap

Bugs don't mind a cold snap

Amarillo, TX - Sunday night's cold snap might have people thinking there will be less bugs this Spring, but the truth is, most bugs can survive it because they have antifreeze in their blood.

Biology Professor at West Texas A&M University, David Sissom says their freezing point is not 32 degrees. It can be well below 32 degrees and a lot of insects can get through the cold.

Some of the many insects in the Panhandle that have antifreeze are ants, moths, fruit flies, and gnats.

"Probably a lot of the common insects have that ability," said Sissom.

Another way bugs can survive a cold spell is by staying near warm buildings, like our houses.

"Certainly on the warm sides of houses and they can do pretty well with getting through a cold spell," said Sissom.

Which is why you won't see too many bugs dying during this cold Spring.

"They will probably reduce their activity on those particular days while it stays cool, you're not going to see a lot of them out there," said Sissom.

But as soon as it warm back up, you'll see a lot more insects again.