Dog saves man

Dog saves man

Amarillo, TX - It's a story about a man and his best friend...

Like everyday, Jim Farren loved to take his dog for a walk outside his retirement home in Amarillo.
Except this time he didn't expect his dog to have to walk home alone.

Snickers is an eight year old Terrier Mix Schnauzer.

His best friend, Jim Farren.

"He's like super sweet, I mean you couldn't find a nicer person on this planet. He just loves everybody and everybody just loves him," said Suzette Howard who is the Owner of Emerald Poodle.

Farren has been a resident at the Canyonview Estates Retirement Home for the past eight years.

During Jim's routine walk across the field, this time he stumbled breaking his ankle unable to call for help.  

"Jim swatted the dog on the heinie and said Snickers go home and so Snickers did take off and it is quite a little ways back over to his community where he lives but Snickers did go for help," Nancy Farren who is Jim's Daughter-in-Law said.

Farren's Daughter-in-Law, Nancy, got the call that Snickers returned home without Jim.  

"They knew instantly who Snickers was, everyone knows Snickers and they knew that Jim would never be without Snickers nor would Snickers be without him," said Farren.

About twenty minutes later Nancy found Jim laying out in the field covered in tumbleweeds with only his boots visible.

Nancy says if it wasn't for Snickers, Jim would be in worse condition.  

"So we are very thankful to Snickers and glad he's smart enough to get home," Farren said.

Farren was taken to BSA Hospital and is recovering from a shattered ankle and other complications due to his fall.

Canyonview Estates hopes to have Jim who they describe as a family member back home soon.  

Snickers and Jim have been friends for the past three years and friends have also told me Jim is known as a dog lover and has always taken any and every dog under his wing.