Bringing a new meaning of life to an old friendship

Bringing a new meaning of life to an old friendship

Amarillo, TX - National Blue and Green Day to inspire organ and tissue donation was Friday.

Two women who work at Coffee Memorial Blood Center had both of their lives change just a little over a year ago.

Sherry Pham and Trang Pham.

They may share the same last name, yet they are not related.

"We're just best friends," said Sherry Pham who is a Kidney Donor.

But they do share a special bond.

"If I touch it, that's her kidney right there, I can feel it and touch it," said Trang Pham who is a Kidney Recipient.

The two have been close for almost twenty years, but a simple meal out, brought them closer than they could have ever predicted.

"January of last year..this one day we went to eat at an Asian  restaurant and while I was eating this beef noodle soup, I was holding a chopstick and she tell me, why is your hand shaking," said Trang.

Trang also had a blood vessel popped in her eye and her feet were swollen.

So she went to an Urgent Care Center.

"He sent me home around 8, I stayed there a long time maybe 6, 7 hours, he sent me home around 8 to go to Walgreens and pick up some medicine, and that's when he called me, like I think you need to go to the ER, I'm going to admit you because it seems like you have a heart failure and a kidney failure," Trang said.

It turns out her kidney's only had 20 percent function left.

That is when Sherry stepped in.

"And I just decided after a month in the hospital, like God this is horrible, looking at her going through all that pain, it's just like, I'm going to give a kidney," said Sherry.

Sherry was a match for Trang.

So after almost a year of dialysis the two headed to Dallas, where they both underwent surgery on February 21st of this year.

Both made it through successfully, and afterwards, nothing but relief.

"It happened, it's done, this is what we've been waiting for and it's done," Sherry said.

Sherry's kidney is currently functioning well inside of Trang and they both agree the experience has meant a lot to both of them.

"I've done so much for her, so it's like nothing to me, I'm always giving, especially to her," said Sherry.

"Words can't even express how it feels, when someone's there for you to give that to you," Trang said.

"Who would have known through all those years, when we met, we've done everything together, and now we work here at Coffee Memorial, basically we do everything together," said Sherry.

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