New scam in our area targeting Xcel customers who are business owners

New scam in our area targeting Xcel customers who are business owners
Amarillo, TX - Xcel customers are the targets of a new scam that has hit our area, particularly business owners.

One local business owner who fell victim to the scam says more should be done by Xcel to alert customers.

Victims of this scam say it is so believable because scammers are calling from a number that shows up as Xcel on caller ID and they have personal details about their account.

Jason Barrett is the owner of the 806 coffee shop on 6th street, the scam cost his business 11-hundred dollars.

He says the scammer had all of his personal information and even called from a number that displayed Xcel on his caller ID.

"You know owning a business, people try to do stuff all the time and nothing like this has ever happened before."

Wes Reeves with Xcel says these scammers appear to be going after business owners.

"They seem to get businesses that they know will be really busy on a Friday night and they calling and saying this Xcel Energy and you owe a balance and we are going to disconnect you service unless you pay us right now. And someone is busy and they have customers in and they can't have their power shut off so the business owner says I'm just going to take care of this right now."

Xcel says they would never contact a customer that way.

If someone is behind on their bill they will get a written notice first.

But Barrett says because the scammer knew all of his information, he believes his account was hacked and Xcel should take some ownership for the situation.

"I think Xcel should let everybody know, at least in some statement, you know to the press, or you know a special thing in the mail, you know phone call, automated phone call, they are a big company, they can afford to do a lot of things."

Xcel says if you get a call from someone saying they are Xcel and you owe money, most likely it is not them.

They say the best thing to do is hang up and call Xcel's main information number and verify your account.