Bumper Stickers potentially putting your family at risk

Bumper Stickers potentially putting your family at risk
The common trend of putting bumper stickers on the back of your car may actually be putting your family at risk.
They seem to be on cars all over the area, but you may want to think twice about what exactly you're sticking on your car and showing off to anyone who drives by.  
We've all seen those stick figure families, proud parents showing off their children's accomplishments, but law enforcement is now saying they may be showing off more than you want them to.

In some cases, predators are  checking out those stickers and gathering personal information about you and your family, like how many kids you have or where they go to school.  

"I think anything that shows a stranger how many kids you have or where your kid goes to school, or even that you have kids is a bad idea," said local mom Bili Chitwood. "In this day and age with people's identities being stolen, it's a good idea to give your kids some anonymity."

By placing bumebumperckers with personal information on your car, Chitwood said anyone can see it, which can make you a target for crime. 

"I think I know all of my neighbors, but I don't know the guy that's driving past me and I don't know if he is going to tail me and try to find my kid," she said. 

Instead of posting those bumper stickers, she has a different suggestion.  

"I think that would be a good idea to put it on your brief case, or wear a t-shirt but don't put it on your car where anyone can see it," she said. 
Law enforcement says the best thing you can do to protect your family, is to remove anything that makes your car identifiable. That way it's harder for criminal to target and track your vehicle.