Veterans Hospice Program

Veterans Hospice Program

Amarillo, TX - April is National Volunteer Month and one group who has noticed an increase in help is the "We Honor Veterans Program".

The Veteran Hospice Program is geared toward providing special hospice care for those who have served in the US military giving them the respect and honor they deserve.

"They want to call the people that died a heroes and certainly they gave the full measure of devotion and did die but the people that were ready that signed on they are equally supportive of America and deserve the credit," said General Dempsey who is a Veteran Hospice Volunteer.

Two Star General Robert Dempsey served in the Airforce as a Command Pilot flying 14 different aircraft and now volunteers to help other veterans in hospice be at peace.

"Because they took the oath of the Constitution and they signed the oath on that dotted line and they committed to do whatever the nation asked them to do and so they are just as much a hero," Dempsey said.

As a huge thank you to the veteran patients, a Chaplin, volunteers, staff and family of the loved one gather at the home or facility to join in a pinning ceremony.

General Dempsey takes the honor of giving the veteran a plaque along with pins of the American flag.

"Its short but I think its quite meaningful they seem touched and that's what we wanted to do," said Dempsey.

The volunteers are expected to visit the patient 1 to 2 hours a week and General Dempsey says volunteering with the program is fulfilling.

"If you don't honor your veterans the people who have served your country, to whatever extent then you're missing the mark because we owe people a great debt," Dempsey said.

For more information on the services and how you can volunteer please call (806) 352-0241.