Legal ramifications from McDonald's wreck

Legal ramifications from McDonald's wreck

Amarillo, TX - Legal ramifications typically occur after a wreck of the same magnitude as the McDonald's wreck.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with a local attorney about what potential financial outcomes could come from this crash.

Since officials are still investigating the incident, there are several factors that need to be determined before officials can say who is at fault in the McDonald's wreck.

Attorney Dean Boyd says the party held responsible for the wreck may have to pay expenses for the McDonalds building and damage done to all vehicles involved. This will all be on top of citations and potential lawsuits filed.

Boyd adds when wrecks like this occur it can be financially devastating for all parties involved. "My clients that have been through crashes like this, would tell you, there is no amount of money, that would make them say, I would ever do it again. But, they need to be compensated for what they have gone through. Because those people will have a lot of bills to pay. And hurt people lose their jobs if they can't show up for work. I mean it is really a problem."

Boyd says medical bills alone for the seven people who were hospitalized last night will be very costly.

"You can see bills in the thousands, tens of thousands, depending on if they had to have an emergency service, the bills can just go crazy, a 100-thousand bill will rack up really quick and with seven people, just depending on the severity of their injuries, those bills are going to be intense."

But Boyd says it can be very difficult to determine who was at fault for a wreck like this.

"The question is going to be what do the witnesses say, now the police should be doing an accident reconstruction, and in this case it is going to be helpful, you hope they are well trained and they come out and do their job. They should be able to determine from all the factors, the witnesses, and the physical evidence, who is at fault and that is primary."

Boyd says there is potential for both parties to be at fault if one vehicle was speeding and the other ran the red a light.