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Tax Deadline is One Week Out

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Amarillo, TX - For most people, filing a tax return can be a pain. 

Tax Expert, Jack Williams says most people find it unpleasant and will put it off for as long as they can. 

But other reasons why people wait to file is because they are still waiting on paperwork. 

"Depending on the make up of your tax return, there are people that are waiting for K1's, which often times don't even arrive titillid to late March," said Williams. 

That's why an extension can be requested by the end of the deadline day, April 15th. Although this deadline can be helpful, tax experts warn people not to wait too long to get the extension. 

"People need to understand if they wait until the last minute, there will be other people that are also waiting until the last minute," said Williams. 

And waiting too long could also lead to an increase risk of identity theft. 

"A lot of people will be sending personal information from their computers at home, which maybe not transmitting data as securely," said Williams. 

The best way to keep yourself save during these last few days of tax season is to make sure to get the extension as early as you can. 

Getting an extension doesn't mean an extension to pay. If you own money to Uncle Sam, you need to make sure to make a payment by April 15th.