An Amarillo agency says domestic violence is increasing

An Amarillo agency says domestic violence is increasing

Amarillo, TX - The shooting Monday night, is just an example of the Domestic Incidents one Amarillo agency says are growing in the area.

Last year Family Support Services says they saw 388 Domestic Violence victims in their shelter and office last year, and heard from another 599 on their Crisis Hotline.

And they say they expect to see even more this year.

"It's a problem in Amarillo, it's a problem that's growing," said Terri Barker who is the Director of Crisis Services at Family Support Services.

Over the past two weeks Family Support Services in Amarillo say they have seen double the number of people in their shelter, compared to the number they saw just two weeks.

Which they say is not that unusual, especially since they see all different types of Domestic Violence victims seek out their services.

"It runs all forms, it really does, from the verbal abuse to horrendous physical abuse to both to sexual abuse," Barker said.

And they also say Domestic Violence can sometimes be confused for Anger Management issues.

"It's a real controlling behavior, it's really not an anger problem, Anger Management and Domestic Violence kind of get confused and they are different, Domestic Violence is more of a control issue," said Barker.

Family Support Services says they are also seeing an increase on the impact Domestic Violence is having on the family unit.

"We're just seeing a lot of children who have problems that are a result of their families falling apart because the parents aren't emotionally healthy and therefore it's hard for the kids to be emotionally healthy," Molly Rafferty who is the Clinical Director at Family Support Services said.

"It's always going to get worse, it's not going to get better, it's not going to go away," said Barker.

If you or someone you know feels they are a victim of Domestic Violence please call the Family Support Services 24-Hour Crisis Hotline at (806) 374-5433.