Counterfeit Money in Hereford

Counterfeit Money in Hereford
Hereford, TX - When Lucy Lopez found out counterfeit bills were surfacing in Hereford, she felt like her business and other small businesses were at risk. 

"It's a shame. We work hard for what we have and for people just to go and steal from people like that, it's a shame," said Lopez. 

Hereford Police say counterfeit money will pop up from time to time in the area, but they are seeing a new trend that is already affecting several businesses. 

Hereford Chief of Police, Brent Harrison say,  "Most of them have turned out to be $5 that had went through some type of washing process and then were printed back over as $50's." 

The washing process consists of using chemicals to remove the ink off the bill and then reprint them as another. 

Police say this can easily be overlooked because it looks and feels like a real bill. 
"The only way to really tell was to pay a lot of attention to the security strip that's located on the bill and actually look at it very carefully," said Harrison. 

Other small business owners we spoke with today say getting a counterfeit bill hurts their business no matter how big or small the bill is. 

Funky Treasure owner, Kristina Corona says the profit helps say her bills. "Not only are you stealing from my business but your stealing from my family also," said Corona. 

Police recommend to businesses to get more than just the counterfeit pen. 

"Be very careful and they might want to invest in a U-V light," said Harrison. 

Which is something Lucy Lopez plans on doing. 

"I tell my girls that I want them to double check that the bills are not counterfeit because then we lose out," said Lopez.