Volunteers help clean up Texas highways

Volunteers help clean up Texas highways
Several groups of volunteers spent part of their day cleaning up trash along the sides of several highways in Amarillo.  
The annual event is part of the "Don't Mess with Texas Trash Off" and is a partnership between Adopt a Highway and the Texas Department of Transportation.  

Every year  TxDOT spends more than $47 million, state wide on contracted litter control, which is why volunteer trash pick up's are so helpful.

"In the panhandle here we have 60 groups all across the 17 county area, about 325 people who are volunteering today to try and make Texas look a little better," said Paul Braun with TxDOT.

The "Trash Off" is the largest single day litter cleanup event in Texas.

Last year, more than 80,000 volunteers helped clean up some 7 million pounds of trash across the state.