Wendy Davis visits Amarillo

Wendy Davis visits Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis spent Friday campaigning in Amarillo.

More than 200 people showed up at Fernando's to meet Davis and to hear what she plans to do if elected as governor.

Although the Panhandle is a long way from Austin, she said this area is important to her and is not forgotten. "It's always been my belief that every voter deserves to be talked to when we're asking for the privilege of representing them in any elected office," explained Davis. "And I'm very proud and pleased to be in the Panhandle."

She said she knows how important water is to our area farmers and ranchers and will work on statewide water conservation efforts. "We rely on the work of farmers and ranchers in Texas and we've got to make sure we're doing our part to provide the resources they need so that they can continue to do the jobs that they do for us."

She also wants to make sure teachers have the resources they need. "I also believe that we need to make sure we reward our teachers and pay them more. Teachers are paid far below the national average in Texas and we need to do a better job of showing them that we respect what it is they do for us."

If elected, she wants to provide all four year olds with full-day pre-k and improve technical and vocational programs for high school students. "We also need to make sure that kids are having a better opportunity if they're not destined for a four-year education to at least be given the tools to succeed in this 21st century economy."

Area democrats said having Davis in town means a lot to the party. "They say that no one comes, that no one cares," said Democratic party representative Sylvia Perkins. "But we do. So when she comes, the heart is there. We're there for her with our hearts and we'll vote for her. So it's very important that's she's here and we're so proud that we're having this crowd, and we'll bring her again."

Perkins said she believes Davis has a chance of rounding up conservative votes in our area because of her platforms.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10