Copper theft in the Area

Copper theft in the Area

Amarillo, TX - A recent incident of copper theft has surfaced in two different locations in the area.

At Loop 335 and North Coulter and at FM 1151, South Amarillo, along the S Curve.

At The Loop, there is no damaged seen because TxDot already cleaned up all the damages.

But at FM 1151, damages can still be seen.

TxDot says the thief or thieves took the covers off the bottom of the lights along both highways, and pulled out all the wiring...including the copper wiring.

TxDot Spokesman, Paul Braun says copper wiring is very valuable right now and he assumes that is what they were after.

The damages from both highways average about $40,000 and could take a month to repair.

TxDot's biggest concern in this incident is safety. They say having no lights along these highways in the early morning and late at night is dangerous for drivers.

TxDot is asking is anyone saw anything out in these areas that was unusual, to call law enforcement.