New Public Transportation Survey

New Public Transportation Survey
Amarillo, TX - A representative for The Coalition for the Homeless shared that many of the homeless population are complaining the public transit system takes too long. 

Transit Manager for the City of Amarillo, Judy Phelps says they try to do the best they can for the city of Amarillo. 

The Coalition for the Homeless say this could be an issue, especially when the homeless are trying to make it to job interviews or social service appointments. 

Although city council and Amarillo's transit manager agree this is a good point, waiting a long time for the bus can happen to anyone. 

"Heavy traffic can slow the bus down, as can stopping frequently to drop off and pick up people at bus stops. That can also delay the bus," said Phelps.

Others who normally ride the bus say not having enough buses can also slow down the system.

Bus rider, Jennifer Scott uses the bus a few times a week to run her errands.

"There suppose to have two buses for most of the routes and a lot of times on some of the busiest routes, they'll only have one bus running," said Scott.

Faith City Mission in downtown says the best way to get the homeless to important appointments is to plan ahead.

Executive director of the Faith City Mission says that's exactly what they do. 
"When they need to go and see to their appointments, or go to their AA meetings, or things that they need to do during the day...then they are issued bus passes the day before." 

Which is something Phelps suggest. 
"When you ride the bus it's best to do some pre-planning," said Phelps. 

But overall, the city is happy to have the results of the survey from The Coalition for the Homeless. 
"We're glad that they did the survey and we're glad to get the feedback from them," said Phelps. 

City council and the transit manager say they will start to look into this issue, but there was no immediate solution offered this afternoon.