WTAMU's "One Sessions" program receives national recognition

WTAMU's "One Sessions" program receives national recognition
Canyon, TX - A hands on program at West Texas A&M is receiving national recognition.

"One Sessions" is an acoustic music show produced by students in the broadcasting and electronic media programs at WT.

The program won 12 awards at this year's Telly Awards competition for their show featuring Zac Wilkerson.

The director of broadcast engineering, Randy Ray, says this program provides students with a skill set, you can't get from a textbook.

"Where else can a student go and create professional looking video content like this, it is unprecedented that we have one twelve telly awards for one episode of this, i mean there  are professional production houses not doing this"

This is the first semester "One Sessions" has offered a class for student credit.

Ray says the work the students put in, is what makes the show.

"We have quality students that are passionate about doing this kind of work and when they pour themselves into work like this, I think people notice it and we are going to continue to push them to work like this."

Ray is hoping programs like "one sessions will bring more notice to West Texas A&M.

"People in the panhandle and the state of Texas and truthfully the nation don't realize what a gem we have with West Texas A&M and the mass communication department"

The show is shot entirely in high definition and camera, audio, set design and lighting for "One Sessions" is all done by WT students.