Fannin Middle School parents looking for answers surrounding confirmed TB case

Fannin Middle School parents looking for answers surrounding confirmed TB case


Dozens of parents are looking for answers from the Amarillo School District after one case of tuberculosis was confirmed at Fannin Middle School.     
After Tuesday's TB discovery, the AISD held a meeting Wednesday evening to discuss concerns with parents.      

Unfortunately, we were only allowed in for a few minutes before the school district asked the media to leave due to privacy concerns. They also refused to comment on the TB case. 

However, we were able to catch up with some parents who shared their concerns with us.  
"These are our kids and we have to bring them here so we want to make sure they are safe, as safe as they can be," said Sherry Carter who has a 7th grade daughter at Fannin Middle School. 

"It's frustrating because I found out on Facebook and then I immediately called the school," she said. 

Instead of waiting for Monday for the school to test those who may have been exposed, Carter says she took her daughter to get tested right away. She tell us she is lucky her daughter did not test positive, but it's a big concern for other parents who know how this disease can spread.  

Cindy Grimaldo has two daughters that attend Fannin Middle School. 

"I'm terrified. They are testing my one daughter and not my other daughter here. I have another son and they have a step brother they were around. It only takes one person to effect thousands," she told us. 
During the meeting, parents say they had a chance to ask questions, which some parents like Tara Fortenberry said was very beneficial. 

"It was an excellent idea so that way everyone knew what was going on and we were able to ask questions and voice concerns." she said.

 On Monday, the AISD says TB testing will be done and results should be back by Wednesday.