Amarillo agrees to sell water to area city

Amarillo agrees to sell water to area city

Amarillo, TX -  The City of Borger needs a little extra water from Amarillo.

At Tuesday's city council meeting, the City of Amarillo agreed to sell Borger up to three million gallons of water per day starting next March. Borger needs extra water for their Agrium fertilizer plant, which is expanding and will soon require double the amount of water than it needs now.

"With that comes additional water use that they're going to take from the city," explained Borger City Manager Eddie Edwards. "The city's in the process of designing and constructing a new well field to supply that water, however the agreement with Amarillo is to provide a safety valve in case our new infrastructure is not ready in time for when the plant comes online."

Mayor Paul Harpole said water sold to Borger would only be about three percent of Amarillo's daily water production. Water conservation has been a hot topic in Amarillo, but Harpole said sharing water with a neighboring city is not wasting it. "I think it's a great way to recognize the economic impact of the whole region on Amarillo and help them expand their economy by having this much larger fertilizer plant. It's kind of like the program where our AEDC years ago gave money to Dalhart for the cheese factory. People wondered why we were doing that, but we're so tied regionally that it's very important that we support the other cities in the region whenever we're asked and whenever we can."

Both cities describe the water agreement as mutually beneficial to not only them, but the whole Panhandle.

"Panhandle cities have a great history of working together," said Edwards. "I think this is a great show of what Panhandle cities can do to better the whole economy."

Edwards said once the well field in Borger is completed, it will be able to fully provide water for the Agrium plant and the city will no longer need help from Amarillo.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10