Job postings on the rise

Job postings on the rise

Amarillo, TX - As we head into Spring, Amarillo National Bank says the local economy is beginning to slow down.

Even though the economy is slowing, there is hope for a quick recovery.

While retail sales are lower according to Amarillo National Bank, that does not mean the Amarillo economy is necessarily struggling.

"We think we are mostly on a firm foundation for economic growth," said Pat Ware who is an Executive Vice President at Amarillo National Bank.

Workforce Solutions Panhandle says the Amarillo unemployment rate is currently at 4.2 percent which is below the Texas average of about 5 percent.

And they say they are currently seeing an increase in job postings.

"We've seen more employers contacting us, listing jobs with us, this may be as many jobs in our job bank probably in the last several years," Steve Cross who is a Program Manager at Workforce Solutions Panhandle said.

Many of the jobs are full time positions in many different industries.

"They're all different kinds, probably the most prevalent job is truck driving throughout the whole Panhandle we have lots of employers looking for truck drivers, we have a lot of call centers looking for customer service representatives," explained Cross.

However if you are looking for a seasonal job as summer is approaching, Cross says those should be popping up soon.

"We will probably see an increase in the next 30 days of employers who will be looking for seasonal work, water parks, swimming pools opening with the City, Wonderland Park, so we'll see an increase I'm sure in the number of jobs related to seasonal hiring," Cross said.

Cross says the main problem they are having now is even though they have a lot of jobs being posted, they are struggling to find qualified workers for those positions.