City of Canyon is Getting a Farmer's Market

City of Canyon is Getting a Farmer's Market
Canyon, TX - The City of Canyon is making progress starting up a farmer's market. 

When word got out about a farmer's market coming to Canyon, residents were happy. 

Local residents in the area had an interest in a farmers market and wanted to make it a reality...then more people started to join in. 
President of the board for the farmer's market, Jeff Walker said city officials and The Chamber of Commerce were among those who took an interest. 

Right now there are about 40 producers from Randal County who plan on growing produce for the market. 

The farmer's market will be located at The Square in Canyon. 

Kevin Friemel works at Palace Coffee in Canyon and says the square is an great place for the farmer's market.

"Anytime we can get out and gather as a community to take advantage of that," said Friemel. 

City officials say having the farmer's market is not only healthy for residents, but good for the city.

Canyon city manager, Randy Criswell says more people coming to the square is anything but a good thing. 

The city is also hoping the market will bring new faces to Canyon. 
"Maybe it will bring people into town that wouldn't normally have come into town. When they do, they'll see what shops are around the square," said Criswell. 

Which is what one local business on the square is hoping for. 

"We're expecting to see a line out the door during the farmer's market," said Friemel.

The farmer's market is expected to open every Saturday starting in June.