A program offering teens a chance to take responsibility for their actions partners with ASCO

A program offering teens a chance to take responsibility for their actions partners with ASCO
Amarillo, TX - Amarillo Teen Court gives teens the chance to complete certain requirements instead of paying fines and serving sentences handed down by the criminal justice system.

Amarillo Teen Court recently announced they will be partnering with Associated Supply Company, or ASCO, to provide volunteers for court proceedings.

The municipal court juvenile services coordinator, Karla Abernethy-Thetford, says the more partnerships and volunteers they can get, the better they will be able to serve our teens.

"By having others here with us in the court room with us when we are doing teen court when we are offer our classes. It help me to be able to communicate with the kids more and spend more time with the kids. And maybe identify more of what needs they have."

ASCO's general manager, Monty Bonjour, says they chose to partner with Amarillo Teen Court in hopes more teens would become aware of the program.

"I'm just not sure that enough is out there to let the kids know that they can use teen court and use that as a way to give back to the community plus get those convictions erased from their record."

A parent, Brent Holman, whose teenager completed the program for a traffic violation says having a child go through teen court teaches them valuable lessons they use later in life.

"Parents a lot of times will try to sign a check and say let me make this go away for you and make it easy. First of all you can't change the punishment decision, the community service hours, you can't change it, as a parent you cant serve the service hours and you can't serve the jury duty. It really is the kid, so they actually really do face up and deal with the  

The program also recently started offering courses to educate first time offenders about different crimes they feel affect teens in our area.

They hope this will bring awareness to the severity of crimes committed once a person is an adult.