Signs, Treatment, and Testing of Tuberculosis

Signs, Treatment, and Testing of Tuberculosis
Questions about the signs, treatment, and testing of Tuberculosis my concern many people. 

A few symptoms of TB are a bad cough, a fever, sweating at night, and weight loss. 

Doctors say there is a difference between being infected with TB and being ill from TB. 

City of Amarillo public health authority, Dr. Roger Smalligan said a more severely ill person has active TB. The state of being infected where your immune system has suppressed it is called Latent TB. 

"I sometimes explain it as dormant or sleeping TB, just to help people understand that you've got it under control," said Smalligan. 

TB is treated by taking medication for 6-9 months and there are currently 10 drugs approved by the FDA. 

Doctors say people with TB should not stop taking treatment too soon and need to take the medication exactly as prescribed. 

Testing for TB can vary, there are skin and blood tests. If a skin test is positive, additional tests will be needed. 

Vaccinations are not normally used in the United States because TB is uncommon here, but in other countries, where TB is more common, children are often vaccinated.