Man charged in murder for hire plot of wife in Clovis

Man charged in murder for hire plot of wife in Clovis
Cody Guss
Cody Guss

Clovis, NM - A man is being charged after hiring an Undercover Amarillo Police Department Officer to murder his wife in Clovis according to court documents.

Court documents state that around February 27th Cody Guss hired the Undercover Officer through a Confidential Informant to murder his wife because he felt she was not a good mother to their three children.

Guss wanted the murder to look like a suicide.

According to reports Guss gave the Undercover Officer a key to his house which would open both the front and back doors, a hand drawn map of his home and told him his wife's daily habits. He also provided the Undercover Officer with some of his wife's prescription medicine which could be used during the murder.

Guss planned to leave the house around 7:15 am to take his three children to school and would not return home until 10 or 11 am during which time the Undercover Officer was to murder his wife.

During this time Guss would wait at a friend's motorcycle shop where the Officer would contact him once the murder was complete and then he would return home to discover his wife's body and call 911.

Guss agreed to pay the Undercover Officer between $400 and $500 for travel expenses and then another $5,000 after the murder once he received his social security disability benefits in either April or May.

The murder was to take place between March 26th and March 27th.

On March 26th Guss and the Undercover Officer discussed meeting at the Harley  Davidson in Clovis to finalize the plan.

Cody Guss is being charged with Knowingly Using a Cellular Telephone with Intent that a Murder be Committed, in Return for a Payment of $5,000.

Guss is being held in the Curry County Detention Center.