A case of tuberculosis has been confirmed at Fannin Middle School

A case of tuberculosis has been confirmed at Fannin Middle School
Amarillo, TX - UPDATE: The health department says they will not release any information regarding the age or sex of the middle school student with tuberculosis.

AISD will be testing students they believe were exposed with a skin test on Monday, that test will be read two days later.

In the meantime, AISD is asking that parents cooperate and sign consent forms so the tests can be conducted.

AISD says Fannin Middle School is still safe for students to attend and parents should bring their kids to school as they normally do. 

There will be a parent and teacher meeting at Fannin Middle School on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014, at 6 p.m. for parents with questions.

A case of tuberculosis has been confirmed at a local middle school. 

The Public Health Department has confirmed that a student at Fannin Middle School does have tuberculosis and is working closely with health officials and taking precautionary measures.

Classmates and teachers who may have been exposed to the disease are being tested.

Parents will receive a permission slip being sent home with each child allowing them to give consent to a TB skin test.

Symptoms to look for are cough, fever, night sweats and weight loss.

If you think your child is showing signs of the disease call the city of Amarillo Public Health Department at 378-6300.


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April 1, 2014

Press Release: TB Case Found in Fannin Middle School Student

The City of Amarillo Department of Public Health has identified a student who attends Fannin Middle School with active tuberculosis (TB). The health department is conducting the contact investigation and is working closely with Amarillo Independent School District to identify classmates and teachers who have possibly been exposed.

In conjunction with AISD, the health department is sending a permission letter to parents of potentially exposed children asking for consent to give a TB skin test. As a result of exposure, those students and teachers will need a TB skin test to determine if they have come in contact with the TB bacteria. These tests will be given next week.

"TB exposures are most likely with children or teachers spending five (5) hours or more per week with the infected student" says Dr. Matt Richardson, director of Public Health for the City of Amarillo. "Because of that risk, we’re asking parents to allow us to test their kids and follow up if necessary."

Once test results are reviewed, anyone testing positive for TB will then be evaluated to determine if they have an active form of the disease. The health department will coordinate further testing and treatment at no cost to the families of contacts.

"TB is a potentially serious infection of contagious and infectious bacteria that is treatable with antibiotics" says Health Authority for the Amarillo Bi-County Health District, Dr. Roger Smalligan. "We are working closely with AISD to determine who needs to be tested and treated. The good news is that testing contacts will allow us to find any potential cases and limit the possible spread of disease. We don’t believe we have an outbreak situation in the school, but we are proactively investigating and screening any potential exposures."

Signs and symptoms of active TB disease are:



Night sweats

Weight loss

Parents who receive the permission letter are encouraged to report any of the symptoms listed above to the health department. If parents or teachers have questions, they are encouraged to call the City of Amarillo Department of Public Health at (806) 378-6300 or attend a meeting for parents in the Fannin Middle School cafeteria on Wednesday, April 2 at 6 p.m.