Amarillo College advances paramedic program

Amarillo College advances paramedic program

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo College continues to advance the only paramedic program offered in the Texas Panhandle.

A federal grant helped the college purchase an ambulance simulator to teach paramedic students how to handle real life situations in a classroom setting. The simulator, built inside one of the classrooms, is equipped with an interactive mannequin and all the others features found in an actual ambulance.

"It's innovation in our profession to go to simulation rather than the clinicals where they're working on a live patient," explained EMS Professions Program Director Doug Adcock. "The first part of clinical time is very important that they learn their skills and if we can do that in this controlled environment without having to jeopardize a patient with their learning of the skills, then that's extremely important."

Professors use four different cameras to film each simulation so they can critique students and show them what they need to work on.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10