ACA Deadline is Finally Here

ACA Deadline is Finally Here
More than 6 million Americans have already signed up for Obamacare, but for those who haven't finished, you you don't have to worry.

Questions concerning the Affordable Care Act deadline have been surfacing.

Jack Williams from Liberty Tax Service says he seen a lot of people in his office questions about the Affordable Care Act. 

But one of the biggest questions might be 'Can I still get healthcare coverage after the deadline?'

The Obama Administration say any Americans who have started applying for health insurance but couldn't complete it by today, will be given an extension.

"Usually it's going to go by when they start the process," said Williams. 

The exteextensiones partly out of concern the website could becomes overwhelmed as last minute people try to meet the deadline, so they don't face a tax penalty. 
"If they don't finish and have coverage by March 31st, or if they have coverage and have a break in coverage of greater than 90 days for the calendar year of 2014, they will pay a penalty," said Williams. 

That penalty for a single individual will be up to one percent of household income or $95, which ever is greater. 

After Monday, the next open enrollment period will be November 15th. 

Earlier Monday morning the website was struggling with a high user traffic. At this time it is unclear how long the extension period will last.