Veterans unemployment rises in Texas

Veterans unemployment rises in Texas
Veterans unemployment rates are declining nationally, but rising in Texas.

Rates are highest among veterans who have returned home since 9-11.

The local Texas Workforce Commission says even though the unemployment rate is high in Texas, Amarillo is one of the top cities for working veterans.

Norman Bearden explained why the number may be so high for unemployed veterans in Texas right now.

"Part of the reason for that is the large number of people who relocate to Texas from other states, up to 1,000 a day coming into Texas. So with that number, put with he major military institutions in Texas, those two services have begun reduction in force. So a lot of veterans are actually leaving the military."

Bearden says Amarillo has the third lowest unemployment rate in the state and this area is a great place for veterans seeking employment.

"Amarillo has large industry where other areas in Texas, such as Abilene and some of those cities down there like Waco, they don't really have the industrial base like we do here in Amarillo."

The president of Veterans for Veterans, Eric Smith, an organization that helps veterans find employment in Amarillo says this is a perfect place for former soldiers seeking employment.

"The panhandle is very patriotic and employers here in Amarillo love hiring veterans, because veterans have a sense of responsibility."

Bearden says he expects the unemployment rate for veterans in Texas to decline in the future.