"Camp Out for Poverty" brings light to growing issue

"Camp Out for Poverty" brings light to growing issue

Members of the First Methodist Church in Canyon spent Saturday night sleeping outside.

While some may not think this was a good idea the groups says they slept under the stars for a good cause.

Event organizers say it was all part of a poverty awareness lesson to help bring to life the struggles some people deal with on a daily basis.  

Each week, Pastor Rick Enns says they focus on different topic and issues, discussing what can be done to make the community a better place. 

"We've been focusing on homelessness and so part of that we had a camp out last night and invited people to camp out in our park behind the church and then as a part of that we'd get up in the morning and come to church in our camp clothes," he told us. 

The event started Saturday night at 7 and lasted through Sunday morning.