High Plains Food Bank in need of volunteers

High Plains Food Bank in need of volunteers
Source: KFDA

Amarillo, TX - During the spring, the High Plains Food Bank usually sees a decline in donations, but that's not the case this year and the extra donations are causing an unusual problem.

While donations are up, the number of volunteers are actually down. This is creating a backlog in the food bank's storage room. Right now there are stacks upon stacks of food boxes waiting to be sorted.

This month, the food bank received about 100,000 more pounds of food donations than usual. Without enough volunteers, the boxes keep piling up with nowhere to go.

"There's really kind of a battle on two fronts," said High Plains Food Bank Executive Director Zack Wilson. "We're always asking for food, but if we don't have volunteers and hands to sort it, help us go through it and get it on our shelves so we can get it out the door, then it's a race against the clock as far as expiration dates go. We definitely don't want to have that happen."

Although they have a surplus of food to sort through now, Wilson said there's still a need for food donations on top of their need for volunteers. He said the food bank usually sees a decline of volunteers in the spring, but that it's never been this bad before.

"We're currently making a push to groups, individuals, and anyone who has spare time and spare hands to come out," said Wilson. "What we'd like to see come out of this is not only just to help us get back to where we need to be and not be over stocked on food, but to make volunteering an ongoing basis. Can you come out once a month? Commit your church group or your work group or something like that to help us sort once a month. Having that on the calendar, having those dependable sources of volunteers will actually prevent this from happening."

Wilson said the food bank needs about 100 volunteers each week to keep their operation flowing and their storage room under control.

For more information on how to volunteer, visit the food bank's website at


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