Cats need to be Corralled?

Cats need to be Corralled?

Amarillo, TX - Most people might might not realize cats are under the same law as dogs. Which means cats must be corralled at all times.

Some pet owners in Amarillo like to let their cats run free.

Cat owner, Darlene Turner says she has quite a few cats that run around outside all day long.

But there are rules against letting your cat run free in Amarillo if they are caught by Animal Control.

Director of Animal Control, Mike McGee says, a citizen or pet owner can be issued a Class C Misdemeanor citation. This will have to be taken care of through the municipal court.

Which can come as a surprise to some cat owners.

"Wow, I didn't know that. I thought it was just dogs. I didn't know it was cats," said Turner.

This citation can be from $100 to $200 dollars, and there are several other fees.

If your cat is captured by Animal Control, it's a $5 per day kennel fee.

"There is an impoundment fee, fee for current rabies vaccination if you cannot provide proof of," said McGee.

But there are some cat owners who are conscience about letting their cats outside.

April Johnson, manager at Willow Creek Kennels says, "Outside is bad, indoor they're safer. You know where your cat is at."