Amarillo education concerns heard by state officials

Amarillo education concerns heard by state officials

To help make more options available for students looking to break into a technical field after school,  a statewide education tour stopped in Amarillo on Thursday.

Top education officials met at Bell Helicopter to discuss the focus of their mission, which they say is incorporating more technical education classes into school curriculum.

The Texas Workforce Commission, the Education Agency and the Higher Education Coordinating Board are joining forces and have already put together more than $3 million for schools across the state to make technical classes more of a reality.    
It's something that education official say will directly impact Amarillo students and places like Pantex and Bell Helicopter.  

"Our economy is very dynamic, it's evolving, technology is continuing to be integrated. With that, we need to be nimble and responsive so that we can make sure that we understand what that means in terms of the different options students have in order to apply the knowledge that will be needed," said Andres Alcantar, the Chairman for the Texas Workforce Commission. 

Last year, Texas added more than 300,000 jobs. The hope now is that even more jobs will be created and filled, if students are equipped with the necessary skills to take up technical jobs after graduating high school or college.