Phillips 66 Violates Clean Air Act

Phillips 66 Violates Clean Air Act

Borger, TX - The Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Act is designed to regulate sulfur in gasoline and according to the EPA, they discovered Phillips 66 was violating the act.

Dr. Jim Rogers, a environmental science professor from West Texas A&M University says most of the findings the EPA found were administrative.

The EPA  is responsible for protecting the environment, but other oppose the EPA's regulations.

Area representative Mac Thornberry said, "The Obama EPA is out to hurt the oil and gas industry in any way they can. They're looking for recording keeping violations just so they can punish the industry because they don't like oil and gas."

Thornberry also says a large of $500,000 that Phillips has to pay could affect jobs in the area.

"That's got to come from somewhere, that's either going to be fewer job or it's going to be higher gas prices for all of us who buy it," said Thornberry.

But overall, EPA regulations are required to be followed.