Waka Post Office will soon close

Waka Post Office will soon close

Waka, TX -  UPDATE: Residents who use the post office in Waka, near Perryton., now have more answers to what will happen after the Post Office closes March 29th.

The United States Post Office said in a statement Wednesday, once the Post Office closes, all residents will be able to pick-up their mail in nearby Farnsworth.

There will not be a fee for the new post office box in Farnsworth and residents addresses will not change.

For more information residents should contact the Farnsworth Postmaster.

Waka... a town near Perryton, of around 100 people may soon be without a piece of their town.

The Waka Post Office has been a part of the town since it was formed around the 1900's, but over the weekend the townspeople found out that may soon be changing.

This past Saturday, when many in the town of Waka went to pick-up their mail, they saw a sign...alerting them that on march 29th their post office will be closing.

"They just put up a notice last Saturday saying they're going to close it down, and want us to go either 5 miles to Farnsworth or either 16 miles to Perryton and get a box there," said Waka Resident Jeremy Blan.

But going to Farnsworth may not be the best option.

"Going to Farnsworth isn't going to be a  possibility because the Farnsworth Postmaster is retiring in September and that post office is on the list to be closed, or reduced hours, and as of now everyone thinks it will close, so going to Farnsworth isn't going to do anything for us," Waka Resident Mike Ladd said.

The town has known for about two months the current Postmaster is retiring, and a few people even applied for his job according to residents.

Yet, no one has been selected for the position.

"They're trying to fill his place, but I guess they couldn't find anybody, or I don't know if they didn't try that hard," said Blan.

If the post office closes then the around 100 people will be forced to change their post office boxes, which some residents have had for decades.

"We'd like to keep it here in Waka, my Dad's had his box for 40 years, but I don't know what we're going to do," Blan explained.

"When you lose your post office you lose all of your identity," said Ladd.

The people in Waka we spoke with suggested if they do not find a new Postmaster maybe they could get community boxes on each street.