Economic impact of Wolflin Square construction project

Economic impact of Wolflin Square construction project
Amarillo, TX - One of the oldest shopping centers, Wolflin square, located near I-40 and Georgia, will see some major changes over the next year.

The shopping center is at 90 percent occupancy at this time and by the end of renovations, owners hope to be at 100 percent.

We spoke with Gary Molberg at the at Amarillo Chamber of Commerce about how this multi-million dollar facelift will bring money into Amarillo's  economy.

"60-percent of our sales tax dollars come from surrounding communities. So it is going to attract those people who are coming to our community, to the mall, to a medical appointment to take a look at this new renovation and spend some additional funds there, not counting the I-40 traffic. A lot of traffic goes up and down I-40 and a beautiful renovation like that, it is going to pull people off I-40 to spend here."

Tim Cunningham works at one of the oldest stores in the square, Eat-Rite and he says renovations should help bring more people to their store and they are not worried construction will hinder business.

"When we do remodels people like to see change, and they like to see progress, so hopefully it is going to make people excited. And going to make people want to come out and watch it as it changes. The neat thing about is right now when you drive down I-40 you see the top of the building with air conditioners, it is not going to be like that anymore. It is going to be built up higher to see a shopping center. So that may spur some interest."

The property manger of  Wolflin Square, Randy Sharp, says they are located in the heart of Amarillo and explained to us what makes this shopping center unique.

"We are a locally owned shopping center, there are not many left in Amarillo, and I would also like to say the builders are local, we are all about that and I just think it will help bring more people into this area."

Even though this shopping center is mostly local, they are in the process of looking for a national tenant to also move into the square.