Local business deals with serial burglaries

Local business deals with serial burglaries

Amarillo, TX - After a string of identical burglaries, the owner of the Burger Barn said he's taking matters into his own hands to stop burglars from targeting his business.

Brent Bynum said there have been six burglaries within the past two years. According to him, it's the food inside his fridges that keeps them coming back for more.

He said surveillance footage shows the same group of burglars each time. "We've had videotape of them wearing masks and coming in through the windows," said Bynum. "They've got a small person with them. He's either a small older person, or maybe a kid. They're putting him through the window and they're coming in. They're opening the back door, backing up their vehicle and then they unload all the groceries into the vehicle."

Bynum said he is fed up with the serial burglaries and is now offering a $1,000 reward to catch the criminals. "I'd like to see these guys get caught and go to jail, where they deserve to go. So I'm offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest of these individuals."

He estimates the stolen products in each burglary to be worth about $1,000, but his total loss from the burglaries adds up to much more. "Whenever I've spent over $15,000 in damages and repairs, security systems and everything I've lost, it's well worth my wild to pay a $1,000 reward at this time for the arrest of these individuals."

Bynum also plans to install bars on the windows to deter future break-ins. Anyone with information regarding the burglars should call the Potter County Sheriff's Office at 806-379-2900.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10