Clovis High School selling pieces of school's history

Clovis High School selling pieces of school's history

Clovis, NM - Hardcover time capsules are making a difference for one Clovis school.

Clovis High School students are currently selling old yearbooks to raise money to print their school publications.

Only one newspaper has been printed since school started back in August.

"We've only produced one this year, which is very bad," said Jerry Coronado who is a Senior at Clovis High School and the current Newspaper Editor.

"It's really upsetting knowing that we have to write stories, but they're not going to get published," Laurel Bettison who is a Junior at Clovis High School said.

But then the journalism teacher got a creative idea to use a piece of history to benefit his current students.

"We are trying to sell previous yearbooks from the past years ranging from 1965 to 2013, so far we've sold 25 ranging from 1966 to 2007," explained Bettison.

"People are actually buying yearbooks...people who don't even live in New Mexico, (our teacher) said like in Ohio, it's crazy," Luis Badillo who is a Junior at Clovis High School said.

"It's touching a chord and a nerve in the community, one woman lost her brothers and she wanted to have a memory of them, another woman lost three of her yearbooks in a fire, so she wants all three yearbooks," Augustine Martinez who is the Newspaper and Yearbook Teacher at Clovis High School said.

They are selling the yearbooks for 50 dollars each, but it means much more than money to the students.

"It shows that the community actually cares about the high school, they want to see us succeed in producing yearbooks and our newspaper," explained Coronado.

"It means a lot, it makes us really happy to know people are willing to come and buy this, to help us out, really, like it means a lot," said Bettison.

"I didn't really think there were people out there in the world, I always see the bad in people, I never see the good, so for them to actually come and help us, now I actually see the good in the community," Badillo said.

If you are interested in purchasing an old yearbook, you may contact Augustine Martinez at (575) 769-4350, ext. 1140 or you may email him at