The City of Hereford says "No" to Fireworks

The City of Hereford says "No" to Fireworks
It might be a little early to be talking about fireworks, but not for one Panhandle city.

For some people, watching the fireworks on 4th of July is a big event. 
The city of Hereford's executive vice-president, Sid Shaw says they have a really good fireworks show. 

But this year, the city officials say they will not be lightening up the sky over their town. 

"It's unfortunate that we have to make that decision at this time, but there's just too many risks with the dry weather," said Shaw. 

The Chamber of Commerce along with the Hereford Fire Department say they simply don't want to risk sparking any fires or having anyone getting hurt.
City fire marshal, Dean Turney says, "The way our year has started off, we haven't had any moisture to speak off and we're really getting ready for a big fire season because of the lack of moisture." 

Hereford's fireworks show is normally held at the Aquatic Center on 15th Street, which is very close to a residential neighborhood. 
"There are dangers out there besides just catching a field on fire. There could possibly be a roof or something catch fire if we're not careful," said Shaw. 

The city says they are announcing their decision now, because firework suppliers begin asking how much of their products will be needed for the annual show.
Saw says they have to let companies know in advance and even make a deposit for their fireworks. 

City officials are prepared for residents to be disappointed in the cancellation of this year's show, but believe living in the Panhandles's dry conditions should help them understand this decision was necessary.
"It's just getting to where you have to make those decisions further out than you normally would," said Shaw. 

And until then, Turney says we should pray for some rain to ease the ongoing drought. 

We spoke with the City of Pampa, Canyon, and Dalhart. As of now, their fireworks shows are still getting the green light for this 4th of July.