Film Festival hopes to create a ripple of change

Film Festival hopes to create a ripple of change
The ongoing drought in Texas continues to get worse, so the mission of a local film festival Saturday evening is to shed light on the growing issue.  

In honor of World Water Day, the League of Woman Voters sponsored their 2nd annual Prairie Water Film Festival.

The event featured a number of movies focusing on the importance of conserving water, all in hopes of creating a ripple effect for change.  

"They're really remarkably good films very educational and some are for fun and for beauty. Earlier today we had one on the ocean and one with a kayaker on the ice, they were just very connecting with the human experience and with water," said Tonya Kleuskens, the event organizer. 

 Two separate viewing sessions allowed the public to watch the films and then participate in an open discussion about local and global water issues.