Sungate Apartments staying hopeful

Sungate Apartments staying hopeful
An apartment complex in Amarillo may be known ti some for the crimes and police calls associated with the complex, but they tell us they're working on their reputation. 
The manager at Sungate Apartments says the complex is a good place. "This is a good has a lot of potential, " said Manager Pam Bertoch. 
She says this despite all of the crime incidents that have happened over the years and according to here, it's not the tenants causing the issues. 
"A lot of the crime that's coming on the property is coming from people who don't live here," said Bertoch. 
In recent years, the apartment complex has seen drive by shootings, condemned buildings and poor living conditions. Just last year The Amarillo Police received almost 400 calls from Sungate. Compared to some of the other apartments in Amarillo, Sungate has had above quite a few number of calls. 
Corporal Jerry Neufeld from The Amarillo Police Department says, "Another complex in the 44 hundred block of south Coulter had 1/3 the amount of calls comparing to the number of apartments to another complex." 
Almost 100 of those calls required a police report. "A theft, a vandalism, burglary occasionally." And the list keeps growing. "Drive by shooting, drugs," said Neufeld. 
The owner of the apartments has acknowledged these issues and says they have still tried to maintain good living conditions.
"We do improvements every day. We're in the process of going on the exterior, making that look a little nicer on the interior. We have some of the biggest nicest apartments in Amarillo," Said co-owner John Baker. 

And the manager has made it her goal to get Sungate Apartments back on the right track. 
"I'm not leaving here until it's done," Said Bertoch. 
Sungate Apartments said they make sure they do proper background checks on all possible tenants. They also said they have denied several people due to criminal background checks.