Spring Time Bringing Allergies

Spring Time Bringing Allergies
The wind in our area can make it hard for people to enjoy the start to spring, and it's because allergens are in the air.
The Panhandle's dusty weather has already started to bring some irritation to the eyes and nose.
Allergy physicians we spoke with say because the weather is always changing in the Panhandle, it is normal for people to experience allergies not only in the Spring, but all year long.

They have already seen a number of patients with different symptoms who are affected by the dusty high wind. 

"The nasal symptoms can also include the eyes as I mentioned," said Dr. Constantine Saadeh. "You can have itching and watery eyes separate from your nose. You can have lots of inflammation that leads to sinus infection and also asthma symptoms." 

Doctors say over the counter medication can ease most allergy irritation. They add, allergy shots can also be very helpful.  
We are told another way to reduce allergies is to keep your windows and doors to your home closed.