Hemphill County switches to new emergency alert system

Hemphill County switches to new emergency alert system

Canadian, TX -  The Code Red Emergency Alert System for weather and other urgent situations in Hemphill County is no longer in service.

The Resolve to be Ready System is now in use in Hemphill County and they hope it will  keep residents safe and informed while saving the county money.

County officials say cost was the main reason for the alert system switch.

"It's going to be so much more beneficial to our county to switch over to Resolve to be Ready that is funded by the PRPC, the Panhandle Regional Planning Committee, they got a grant from FEMA," said Julie Boydston who is the Chief Dispatcher at the Hemphill County Sheriff's Office.

The new system will not only provide severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service by text, email or phone call, but will also allow the county to send out alerts for other events as well.

"If we have a missing child, call the Sheriff's Office, we can set-up a map of the area where that child went missing and we can notify the people in that area to please look, you know check your backyards," Boydston said.

Another benefit to the Resolve to be Ready System is it can reach people during severe weather who live in rural areas.

"There are a lot of people that work out in the county that operate off of cell phones and this will get to them also, they won't have to solely rely on a TV or the sirens," explained Boydston.

The county hopes the new system will be beneficial to everyone in living in their area.

"It's just safety for our community and for our friends, family and neighbors," said Dawn Dial who is the Administrative Assistant to the Hemphill County Sheriff.

Residents who were previously signed up for the Code Red Alert System will need to re-register.

They can do that by going online and registering at


Residents may also call Julie Boydston at the Hemphill County Sheriff's Office at (806) 323-5324 or email her at


Or if Residents wish to sign-up in person they should visit Juile's booth at "Canadian's 2nd Annual HealthFest" on Saturday, March 29th from 7 a.m. to Noon at the Jones Pavilion in Canadian, Texas.