New scam targets Netflix users

New scam targets Netflix users

Amarillo, TX -  The Better Business Bureau is warning residents about a new scam involving Netflix.

The scammers are using a pop-up window to lead users to a website  resembling the Netflix login page. When users enter their account information, the fake website claims their account has been suspended and gives them a customer service number to call. A fake representative then tells them to download a "Netflix Support Software," which is actually a remote login software.

If downloaded, the software gives the scammers full access to data on the user's computer.

"Consumers need to watch out for three things," said BBB Executive Director and CEO Janna Kiehl. "One, the remote access request really doesn't happen from a legitimate company. No company is going to call you and ask you if they can have access to your computer. Two, it comes up in a pop-up on your email or on a website, so you know it's not authentic. And three, the phone number that they ask you to call doesn't belong to Netflix."

The phone number of the fake representative actually belongs to a call center in India. Kiehl said this type of scam first originated from scammers posing as Microsoft representatives a couple years ago.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10